Aliette de Bodard

I am a speculative fiction author living in Paris, with a strong taste for history and mythology. Rice addict, tea addict and nước mắm addict. My short fiction has appeared in various professional venues, and my Aztec fantasy series "Obsidian and Blood", Servant of the Underworld, is published by Angry Robot. My next novel is The House of Shattered Wings, set in a devastated Paris where quasi-feudal Houses fight each other for dominance; and features fallen angels, dragons, immortals and witches--and entirely too many dead bodies. Forthcoming August 20th (Gollancz, UK/Commonwealth)/August 18th (Roc, US). In my spare time, I also double as a geek in maths and computer science. I read in a wide variety of genres and consume an astronomical quantity of books per year. I am also attempting to a. learn how to cook, and b. learn to speak Vietnamese, two occupations that take up a lot of time on my blog.
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