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    human beings tend to blindly trust their perception, to the point of considering it to be shared by everyone.
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    Without thinking, does the black figure seem to be facing us, or does it have its back to us? Are you above it, or below? You’re hesitating…

    Now look at the image below: the individual clearly seems to be facing us, their elbows leant on the barrier, and they’re located above you. And now that you have this image in mind, look at the first version of the image again. The interpretation you make of it will copy the scenario that image (a) led you to see, and now the black figure appears to be facing you at a low-angle shot
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    It’s just outside, feel the fear, do it regardless
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    brain, which shelters our knowledge, operates through estimates. The outcome is that our knowledge of things and of the world is always relative.
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    Getting the best deal
    You dont get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.
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    It won’t be easy, but so what? I love him and I’m happy. What else matters?”
    “You look happy,” Diane admitted. “God, you even look like you belong. I feel like a complete freak! Literally everyone else here is famous. Everyone! I can see them looking at me and trying to work out who I am. How did you know who to invite?”
    “Oh, I asked his manager. He said it was a good idea. Well, actually first of all he said he didn’t care if Jack was rotting away in a ditch. But I told him there was a new album, and then he said it was a good idea.”
    “That’s hobnobbing,” said Diane. “My best friend is hobnobbing with music industry moguls. Crazy.” She picked up Evie’s left hand and played idly with her ring finger. “Any chance of...”
    Evie laughed. “It’s still early days.”
    “I bet he’s a handful to live with.”
    “No, actually he’s great. Anyway, he’s working a lot of the time.”
    Diane stroked the heavy brown
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    Tonight, I will do the impossible.

    The impossible is nothing new to me. As I do every night, I will make people believe things that aren’t true. I will show them worlds that never existed, events that never happened. I will weave a web of beautiful illusion to snare them, a glittering trap that drags them willingly with me into the magical, false, spellbinding world.
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    Denis made sure that he smiled and showed his manners as often as possible, to compensate for the irritation of having to individually wrap a teaspoon in a serviette, or pick up money from the counter-top and place the change back without simply handing it over.
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    office looked exactly as Dan had thought it might. All glass panels, metal beams and revolving doors swallowing up and spitting out a parade of professional-looking
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    o serve younger British men who knew so little yet felt naturally entitled to power.
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