April Weatherly

April Weatherly is a soap making expert that learned from experts by using glycerin. Glycerin is a neutral, thick liquid that is created naturally in the soap making process. Many of the homemade soaps have glycerin left within the soap, however commercial soap makers often extract the glycerin out before they package and sell their soaps. Glycerin can be bought and used to make soap that provides extreme moisturizing for the skin. Making glycerin soap in your home is very easy to do, and many of the ingredients can be found at any local craft supply store. To begin with you will need to purchase a melt and pour glycerin soap base, soap molds, and whatever additives you want to include. This can be essential oils, beeswax, herbs, and other ingredients. Here is a simple recipe for a natural soap anyone can make. April has mastered the art and reveals all her tricks tips and hints in her latest book Soap Making from Scratch. She uses 4 ounces of glycerin soap base, 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 tablespoons melted Shea butter. To make your natural glycerin soap start by breaking your glycerin soap base into one ounce blocks. These blocks then need to be melted down. This can be done either by microwave or stove top. If you plan to use your stove top, a double broiler is the best equipment for melting down your base. Most bases that you can buy will include instructions for the best way to melt it down. April Weatherly is the brain child behind the use of glycerin, as it is a great solvent, meaning it easily dissolves most things that are added in. Stir until your glycerin base is well mixed, then pour into molds to set. There are many special molds that can be purchased to create unique shapes, however you can also use many household items as molds. Empty yogurt cups can have a second life as simple molds for rounded soaps. Once your soap molds have set you can enjoy your homemade natural soap. Free from dangerous chemicals and additives, and made without the dangers of lye, you can have naturally safe soap that you made yourself. Learn from expert soap maker April Weatherly in her latest book Soap Making from Scratch.


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