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    Knees are only meant to bend one way!

    колени должны сгибаться только в одну сторону!

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    However, Wilde was best-known as a playwright, and Lady Windermere’s Fan (1892), A Woman of No Importance (1893), An Ideal Husband (1895), and The Importance of Being Earnest (1895) are still performed today.
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    Understand what creates value for customers
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    lean terms, optimization means creating a product that generates the highest possible customer value, is extremely high quality and is manufactured at a competitive cost.
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    businesses – public and private – need to be the best at delivering more content and higher quality for less money. Customers now tend to switch faster to competitors that can offer better, cheaper insurance, while taxpayers demand lower taxes and a higher level of public servic
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    We can break down effective management into four elements: strategic management, personnel management, professional management and operations management, as illustrated in Figure 2
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    survey results were presented in The Machine That Changed the World – The Story of Lean Production, the book that brought forth the concept of lean production
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    he driving force of lean is its constant pursuit of a vision – a perfect production system with the following characteristics:
    • Constantly falling costs
    • No waste
    • No errors
    • Minimum throughput time
    • No tied-up stocks
    • Minimum space consumption
    • Maximum capacity utilization
    • Unlimited flexibility
    • High job satisfaction
    • High customer satisfaction.
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    1. Understand what creates value for customers and see the value chain by which raw materials are given increasing value, ultimately becoming the finished product that satisfies the customer’s needs.
    2. Identify activities in the value chain that do not create value for customers – that is, waste – and eliminate the easiest ones. In the long term, focus continuously on eliminating the remainder under steps three to five.
    3. Create flow in production to enable products to flow through the processes with the minimum of stops and transfers of responsibility.
    4. Make production pull managed, meaning that the needs of the internal or external customer always determine what is to be produced and when.
    5. Mobilize the entire organization and enhance the skills needed to implement ongoing improvements based on steps one to four. Delegate process responsibility and distribute skills in the organization to improve and make transparent the entire value chain – from concept to product delivery – rather than individual elements alone.
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    Considering the administration and service sector from a lean perspective means realizing and acknowledging that the sector’s tasks encompass production, and, as such, that industrial production can inspire their management.
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