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Fyodor Dostoevsky

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    They laughed cynically at my face, at my clumsy figure; and yet what stupid faces they had themselves.
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    As the children grow up you feel that you are an example, a support for them; that even after you die your children will always keep your thoughts and feelings, because they have received them from you, they will take on your semblance and likeness.
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    Have you lived or not? Look, one says to oneself, look how cold the world is growing
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    Why am I going there now? Am I capable of that? Is that serious? It is not serious at all. It’s simply a fantasy to amuse myself; a plaything! Yes, maybe it is a plaything.”
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    He felt utterly broken: darkness and confusion were in his soul.
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    I am talking too much. It’s because I chatter that I do nothing. Or perhaps it is that I chatter because I do nothing
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    He had become so completely absorbed in himself, and isolated from his fellows that he dreaded meeting, not only his landlady, but anyone at all.
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    Soon he sank into deep thought, or more accurately speaking into a complete blankness of mind;
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    At these moments he would become conscious that his ideas were sometimes in a tangle
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    “Let you go? You dare tell me to let you go? Do you know what I’ll do with you directly? I’ll pick you up, tie you up in a bundle, carry you home under my arm and lock you up!”
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