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Bruce Bryans

Bruce Bryans is a bestselling American author with a passion for researching the dating and mating rituals of men and women. Bruce has written numerous books on topics including masculinity, attraction, dating strategy, and gender dynamics within romantic relationships.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Bruce Bryans ran a successful romance advice website. He has published almost 20 books on dating strategies, gender dynamics, attraction, and masculinity — the majority targeted women.

He doesn't construct himself as an all-knowing "relationship guru" but prefers to give in-depth information based on the social and biological factors that bring men and women together for love and romance.

His main aim is to provide easy-to-implement, practical information that helps men and women improve their dating market value and mating desirability to the opposite sex.


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The technique of withdrawing communicates to a man that a woman values her dignity more than she does a man’s attention, and therefore will not waste her time and affections on a man who doesn’t recognize her worth.
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Men usually see moving in with a woman as a way to “test drive” marriage or postpone it while reaping all of its juicy benefits (Don’t believe me? Ask your radically honest guy friends and they’ll affirm this). Women on the other hand see moving in with a man as a step closer to marriage.
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Date as if you believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you truly deserve a man’s unconditional love.


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