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Allen Carr

Allen Carr was an author of books about quitting smoking and other psychological dependencies including alcohol addiction. He quit smoking after 33 years as a hundred-a-day chain smoker.




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At the time, I confess to being so wrapped up in my own petty problems that I was oblivious to other people’s.
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I would define cowardice as: failure to act as my conscience dictates, because of fear of physical injury or ridicule. Does this mean that I would go into a burning building to rescue someone? Not necessarily, I would assess the risk and if I didn’t think it was worth taking, I wouldn’t take it. I would expect to take greater risks for my own family than for strangers.
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Don’t ever consult a hypnotherapist unless he or she has been personally recommended by someone you respect and trust


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Yippee! I’m a non smoker

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    04.04.2021 I quit smoking.

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