Torquil MacLeod

Torquil MacLeod is a British author of crime fiction and mystery novels. He is best known for his Scandinavian-based Malmö Mysteries series featuring Inspector Anita Sundstrom. There are now nine full-length novels and a novella (A Malmö Midwinter).

Torquil MacLeod was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He grew up in North East England. His first career was as a teacher in Worcestershire, and then he worked in advertising in Birmingham, Glasgow, and Newcastle. MacLeod was an advertising copywriter for 36 years.

Torquil MacLeod debuted in 2010 with the novel Meet Me in Malmo, beginning his Inspector Anita Sundstrom series. His most recent work is Mission in Malmö (2023).

He also wrote Sweet Smell of Murder (2014), a historical crime novel featuring a feckless hero, Jack Flyford, who couldn’t be further away from Anita Sundström.

Torquil MacLeod lives in Cumbria, England, with his family.

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great career, ravishing wife and enviable lifestyle. And yet?
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We’re struggling with Nilsson. Little prick won’t crack. Circumstantial evidence isn’t good enough for that bitch Blom. It’s driving Moberg demented.’
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