Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall (2 May 1902, Noorat, Victoria — 21 January 1984, Melbourne) was an Australian writer, story teller and social documenter.His best known book, I Can Jump Puddles (1955) is the first of a three-part autobiography. The other two books are This is the Grass (1962) and In Mine Own Heart (1963).Alan Marshall wrote numerous short stories, mainly set in the bush. He also wrote newspaper columns and magazine articles. He travelled widely in Australia and overseas. He also collected and published Indigenous Australian stories and legends.
vida del autor: 2 Mayo 1902 21 Enero 1984


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The back is made for the burden
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They say you breathe the germ in,’ he said. ‘It’s just floating about in the air – everywhere. You never know where it is. It must have been just floating past his nose when he breathed in and that was the end of him. He went down like a pole-axed steer. If he’d been breathing out when that germ passed he’d’ve been right.’
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did not see her leaving me of her own will but leaving me because of some sudden, monstrous circumstance over which she had no control
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