Preston Sprinkle

Preston was born and raised in California, but God has taken him to different parts of the world. After graduating from college (2000) and seminary (2003), he and his wifeI ventured to Scotland where where Preston completed my PhD in New Testament from Aberdeen University. While in the UK, Preston held a brief teaching stint at Nottingham University and then came back to the States where he taught Biblical Studies at Cedarville University in Ohio. In June 2009, he moved back to southern California, where he currently teachs at Eternity Bible College and attends Anthem Church in Thousand Oaks. Preston is happily married to his beautiful and energetic wife, Christine, and has three daughters and one son. In addition to his love for baseball and surfing, his family and he also enjoys the outdoors (hiking, camping, having fun in the sun) and hanging out with college students.




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