Charlotte Phillips

Allentown, PA is where it all started for me. I get my love of books from teachers (especially Ms. Weaver) and my aunt Diane. My love of writing and storytelling comes from somewhere deep inside. It is something I need to do.From Allentown, I traveled to Melbourne, FL for college and El Segundo, CA for my first real job. My current home is in Houston, TX where I write mysteries with my brilliant husband, Mark Phillips.I love to read - all kinds of books. My home is full of books I intend to read, the stacks keep growing. When I encounter a book I love, I devour it, and then regret that it is finished so soon. I only review or comment on books that I enjoyed and wish to recommend to others. So if you see stars, or any sort of comment from, I enjoyed the book and believe you will too.

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