Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier is a Canadian accountant who became a social media star as a career coach who helps professionals find fulfilling careers. Now she is a career strategist, coach & founder of Top Notch Resume. She teaches her clients how to cultivate their own powerful brands in and out of the office, to become seen as the leaders in their industry. Linda Raynier is also the author of a podcast that looks at different work situations and gives career advice.

"I help ambitious professionals to stand out in their careers," says Raynier.

Raynier is the first Canadian-born child of Vietnamese refugees. The Toronto-based she began her career at a Big Four accounting firm. In 2012, she joined a professional recruitment company as a senior associate, specializing in accounting placement. She was quite successful. However, she was frustrated that many candidates with strong resumes didn't know how to sell themselves. So Linda decided to start her own business.

Linda Raynier also has a thriving YouTube channel that reaches millions of viewers.

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