Sarah Horton

Sarah Bax Horton is a British true crime writer, researcher, analyst, and an experienced former civil servant for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. Her interest in genealogy and relatives connected to the Jack the Ripper case led her to write the book One-Armed Jack (2023).

Sarah Horton was born in South Wales in 1968 and educated at Monmouthhas. She has an MA Honours degree in English and Foreign Languages (German) from Somerville College, Oxford.

Her great-great-grandfather was a policeman at the heart of the Ripper investigation. She also volunteered with the City of London Police for almost two decades until 2020.

A fascination with genealogy and the Whitechapel Murders led to her own investigation into the identity of Jack the Ripper. His murders, which saw at least six women killed in the East End of London in 1888, remain one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved cases.

Bux Horton has accessed the suspect's medical records and learned dramatic details. She told The Telegraph: "For the first time in history, Jack the Ripper can be identified as Hyam Hyams using distinctive physical characteristics."

The book One-Armed Jack: Uncovering the Real Jack the Ripper presents compelling evidence that matches witness descriptions of the man seen with female victims shortly before they were stabbed to death.

Sarah Horton lives in London with her husband.

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