Nicholas Reardon

Nicholas Reardon is a Publishing and Tourism Consultant who has also written and designed many books over the years.New book Creation, Consultation and Advice, Design, Registration, Publication and Worldwide Distribution. Co- Founder and owner of Reardon Publishing one of the largest publishing houses of local guides in the Cotswold Area. Professional activities: Consultant and owner of Reardon Publishing Travels the world, main areas of interest: Antarctic and Exploring Antarctica, Syria, Malaysia, China, Singapore and Europe. Nicholas says: If you wish to know about me I’m at I’m a publisher and writer I like History, manga and Anime but most of my time is spent turning people’s ideas into books and letting them out into the world. Sometimes it is a Born Free moment and others it is a pass me the brain Igor it looks like a thunderstorm moment. They say everyone has a book in them.That does not mean the book should every escape the mad dark interior of the mind to see the light of day, being set free to frighten the book reading world.
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