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finalfadeoutcompartió una citael mes pasado
It seems to me now that this forgetting is convenient, that she doesn’t want to remember the things she has said and done. It feels unfair that she can put away the past from her mind while I’m brimming with it all the time. I fill papers, drawers, entire rooms with records, notes, thoughts, while she grows foggier with each passing day.
finalfadeoutcompartió una citael mes pasado
I nod. He’s right. But I want to cry for being stupid, for giving him the tools to make this incision.
Елена Захарьеваcompartió una citahace 2 meses
The Welsh say, “She is casting rain,” not “it is raining,” and in Pwyll’s day men still knew why. Rain and sun, crops and the wombs of beasts and women, all were ruled by that old, mysterious Goddess from whose own womb all things had come in the beginning. The wild places were Hers, and the wild things were Her children.
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