Naomi Hill

Naomi Hill grew up in a household where she was taught to respect other people's religious practices. One thing that she did learn is that before she made a comment about something, it was in her best interest to learn about so that whatever she had to say would not be nonsensical or unfounded. This is what led her to start doing research in the practice of Wicca. She met some persons while she was at the university that practiced Wicca and found them to be charming and pleasant, which is contrary to what she had heard or seen in the movies. The more she learned about the history and current practices of Wicca the more she felt the need to share what she had learned with others so that the negative stigma of what Wicca is believed to be can be reduced. Naomi is not trying to convert the world to believe in and practice Wicca. She is simply sharing what she has learned without being judgmental.


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