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To get rid of overalignment, healthy organizations let some goals stem from the bottom up. Innovation occupies more space at the corners of a firm than its center. The best OKRs usually do not result from the top since specific managers or workers know their area of work better.
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Furthermore, people like to see visual representation of their progress in different areas. OKRs can work with weekly check-ins to get rid of slippage. Just writing down a goal boosts a person’s chances of meeting it. The chances are even better if the individual monitors progress while telling others about his or her goals.
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OKRs take us out of our comfort zones. They help us achieve what comes between dreams and capabilities. They end up revolutionizing business models. Stretching to previously unknown heights is mandatory for the firms that want to prosper and continue in business a long time. If an organization wants to survive in the long run, it needs to engage in continual innovation. It is impossible to win without innovation. Wise selection of stretch goals makes payoffs worth the risk.


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