Sai Webster

100 Secrets of Health and Fitness

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In today's world, overweight and obesity have become an epidemic. The prognosis for the world is bad and getting worse as they take their toll on the health of adults and children alike. This epidemic carries a heavy burden both physically and psychologically on the individual and society. Overweight and obesity are not just cosmetic considerations, they are chronic medical diseases that can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, gallstones, and other chronic illnesses. These patients are also at risk of several cancers.

One thing that makes it difficult to treat them is that they have a high relapse rate. Most people who lose weight regain it within five years. We always see many people who follow different diets and use slimming equipment and are even willing to accept the risk of various surgeries to get slim and fit, but unfortunately, after that difficult and sometimes exhausting period, they maintain their fitness for only a short time, after which the obesity process resumes quickly.

Studies have shown that correcting bad eating habits, day-to-day activities, and going through other rigorous processes alone may not be sufficient to tackle the menace of overweight and obesity. Some of these processes may even impact the health and fitness of the individual negatively.

This book is a product of research and a compendium of steps and procedures to tackle overweight and obesity to help you live the good life that you always desire. In this book, we will discuss tips and secrets to get rid of excess weight to maintain fitness. Sit back and relax as you take your lasting victory over overweight and obesity!
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