Michele Jaffe

The Water Nymph

A man out to save his own skin meets a woman who may be the end of him in a rollicking historical romantic mystery that “will utterly delight the reader” (Abilene Reporter-News).
As one of Queen Elizabeth I’s most trusted spies, the daring Crispin Foscari never leaves anything to chance. So, he’s surprised when he’s told he has two weeks to clear his name of treason, or his neck will meet the executioner’s noose.
Sophie Champion is a hero to women of London, dedicating her seemingly endless resources to free them from their bondage to men. But when her investigation into the death of her godfather places her in danger, she herself is liberated from danger by Crispin—also known as the notorious “Earl of Scandal.” Not that she would ever admit she needed his help.
Even as his mind warns him to stay away from the seductive siren, Crispin offers a proposal. By day, they will pit their equally sharp wits against a calculating enemy, and by night they will fight their searing mutual attraction. But as they grow closer to identifying the killer, they grow closer to one another. Unfortunately, that is only going to make it easier for their foe to finish them both off.
With peril, passion, and swashbuckling to spare, this fast-paced romantic adventure from “a writer to watch” is sure to keep you riveted until the thrilling climax (Publishers Weekly).
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