Living With Aspergers Syndrome, Jessica Caplain
Jessica Caplain

Living With Aspergers Syndrome

“How To Finally Handle Your Child's Aspergers…With These Easy Directions”
Asperger's Syndrome (AS) is a type of developmental condition under the Autism Spectrum Disorder.
While these children usually exhibit certain behavioral, physical, and social shortcomings, they can make up for it if you know how to guide them in every step of the way.
This is precisely why this book was written – to help parents like you determine how you can help your child or loved one handle this problem. Though this book is primarily written for children? Some tips and advice can be used for teens and adults alike.
You can expect varying progress after following the techniques revealed in this book. To help you boost the success rate, you need to put in the required amount of effort and time.
This book will also provide you with a guide on what to look out for, if you suspect your child to have AS.

Aside from this, you can learn more about the following aspects of AS:

•      Basics of Asperger's Syndrome
•      How Aspies are diagnosed
•      Ideal activities at home and in therapy sessions
•      Recommended toys and games for kids with AS
•      How they mingle with other people
•      How you can understand them better
•      Interesting bits of information about them
•      Avoiding burnout while you care for your child
…and so much more!

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