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Beauty Recipes for Anti Aging (Boxed Set)

Beauty has less to do with natural inheritance than it does with work and effort, and they more you learn about beauty products, the more you grow to realize that you are better off making them yourself! In the first place, beauty recipes allow you to make beauty products for far less money than it would cost to purchase the products themselves. You can make many beauty products simply by raiding your kitchen! Also remember that beauty products made by home recipes are also free of most of the harmful chemicals that occur in regular products.
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    Very inspiring book. I love it.


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    Lemon Brown Sugar Body Scrub
    This exfoliator calls for:
    A cup of brown sugar
    1/2 a cup of sea salt
    A tablespoon of honey
    2 tablespoons of lemon juice
    2 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil
    A teaspoon of essential oil in your favorite scent such as lavender or bergamot
    Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and store in an air-tight container. The body scrub should be used in the shower to remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin, especially after spending time in the sun.

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