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Terry Goodkind


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  • djeen7991007compartió una citahace 8 años
    his book is dedicated to my readers, who have lived this grand journey with me. Writing Richard and Kahlan’s story has been one of the greatest honors and joys of my life, but these stories don’t exist in my mind alone. They live because they exist in yours as well. It is your love for this world that has helped breathe life into these characters. Because of your passion, Richard and K
  • Fay .compartió una citahace 2 años
    she may be able to see what others will do, what others might be able to do, or have the potential to do
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    Feeling hot and light-headed, Kahlan stiffened her back as she stood at the head of the funeral pyre, staring down at Richard’s body laid out before her. The light mist and fitful drizzle felt cold on her face, like ice against the grief burning inside her. Wet cobblestones glistened in the late-day light. Irregular pools of standing water reflected parts of the citadel rising up beyond and the stone guard tower nearby, with the occasional tears of rain distorting those reflections.
    Although the mist and bouts of rain had soaked the neatly stacked wood of the pyre, she knew that it would burn. Thick layers of pitch had been slathered over the lower
  • Leopoldo Larregina Estradacompartió una citahace 4 años
    Kahlan corrió hacia el más cercano de los soldados sosteniendo una antorcha. Ella puso sus manos sobre sus grandes puños alrededor de la antorcha y lo empujó hacia atrás.

    No. No podemos hacer esto. Apaga las antorchas. Miró a los demás y levantó la voz. ¡Todos ustedes! ¡Apagarlos!

    Todos parecían confundidos, pero la docena de hombres con antorchas parecía más aliviada que cualquier otra cosa. Llevaban las antorchas silbantes y crepitantes, las llamas aleteando, alejándose de la pira para que no la encendieran accidentalmente, y luego las empaparon en cubos de agua. Las llamas chisporrotearon, estallaron y chisporrotearon en protesta, pero finalmente se apagaron.

    Solo entonces Kahlan suspiró de alivio.

    Nicci puso una mano sobre el hombro de Kahlans y le dio la espalda. ¿De qué acto desesperado estás hablando?

    Kahlan ignoró a la hechicera y señaló al mando a la ciudadela para que todos los soldados la observaran.

    Lleve a Richard de regreso a la habitación donde estaba. Colóque
  • NETO_SILVAcompartió una citahace 5 años
    Without questioning the strange request, the big men of the First File all clapped fists to hearts.

    Kahlan turned her attention to Commander Fister when he rushed up in front of his men. Mother Confessor, what

    Have the room guarded. No one but the First File goes in, not even staff. Have the citadel guarded until I can get back.

    He gave her a nod. It will be done, Mother Confessor.

    Kahlan, whats going on? Nicci asked under her breath.

    Kahlan glanced off at Hunter, sitting at the edge of the dark wood. She looked off above the trees to the distant mountains that looked like gray phantoms floating in the hazy light. Somewhere back there in those mountains was a pass where the witch woman lived.

    I have to go find Red, the witch woman, Kahlan told her again.

    Nicci glanced toward the mountains. Why would you want to find a witch woman? Why now, of all times?

    Kahlans gaze met Niccis blue eyes. Witch women can see things in the flow of time. They can see events.
  • Велико Василевcompartió una citahace 6 años
    We hope you enjoyed this book.
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    that the shroud-wrapped corpses looked like big cocoons.
    The soft yellow lantern light and the greenish glow from the light sphere Nicci had with her revealed a series of long corridors with niches carved into the stone on each side. In some it looked as if an entire family had been stuffed into the small hollow in the rock. To the sides, yet more dark corridors branched off in every direction. From what they could see, all of those corridors were lined with recesses holding the dead.
    As they ascended long runs of steps carved directly from the stone itself, they had to be careful because the steps were uneven. Cassia was ahead of him, with Kahlan right behind, followed by Nicci and then Vale.
    The light from Cassia’s lantern suddenly revealed an opening that looked more carefully constructed than the ones down below. Going
  • Велико Василевcompartió una citahace 6 años
    smile. “Of course they were. Sulachan sent the prophecy to this world, through prophets in this world, so that they would write it in the scrolls, so that Hannis Arc would read it and initiate it all by putting the boxes of Orden in play. It is all part of Sulachan’s grand plan. He began laying the groundwork for it when he was still alive.
    “You see, at some point long past, before Sulachan ever came along, the good spirits in the underworld, knowing the danger, wanted to protect the power of Regula from being misused, so they sent the power to this world and hid it for safekeeping–or so they thought.
    “But because Regula is part of the eternal now, and exists in that eternal now, there is no accurate way of telling exactly when Regula actually appeared here in this world. What those spirits didn’t
  • Велико Василевcompartió una citahace 6 años
    beside the spiraled, marble newel posts. As Kahlan began to ascend the grand staircase, Nicci leaned closer from behind and whispered, “We need to have the top floor cleared of all the men.”
    Kahlan frowned back over her shoulder. “The whole floor?”
    Kahlan didn’t argue or ask for an explanation. “You heard the woman, Commander. Have the men pull back and leave us to care for Richard.”
    He glanced back at Red coming up the stairs ahead of the three Mord-Sith. When she met his look with her piercing blue eyes, he quickly turned back around, his face having lost a little color.
    “Yes, Mother Confessor.”
    He signaled to one of the men with him. “Run ahead and have all the men clear out of the room and stand guard until we get there. Have the rest of the floor cleared.”
  • Rokylcompartió una citahace 7 años
    Rahl, she knows your heart. Whatever it is you have to do, she would understand.”
    “Not this,” he said as he started down the corridor again, heading for the stairs.
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