Alex Anders

The Alpha's Forbidden Mate

Salome has never been in love. That could be because she hates the way that everyone in her backwoods town is the same. So when she catches a guy she’s never seen before staring at her from just beyond the fence at school, she barely knows what to do with herself. He has to be from the secluded community across the river that her father demands that she stay away from. His kind were nothing like them, she was told. So, why does he seem so familiar? And why can’t Salome stop thinking about him?

Rex is impulsive, angry, and dangerous, in other words, your typical shifter wolf in search of their mate. His mother is his pack’s alpha and demands that he choose someone for their pack. But, it can’t be coincidence that a human girl one day showed up at his father’s grave. And there has to be a reason he finds her irresistible… some reason like fate.

If the two of them are going to explore the passion that tears at them both, they are going to have to keep it a secret. Because if it ever gets out that the sheriff’s daughter is with the alpha’s son, the two communities will destroy each other looking for revenge.

‘THE ALPHA'S FORBIDDEN MATE’ is a high heat, new adult shifter romance with first love, secret romance, and a young couple bonded together by fate.
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