Amanda Prowse

Three-and-a-Half Heartbeats

Grace and Tom Penderford had a strong marriage, a comfortable home in the English countryside and a healthy baby girl, Chloe. They were happy. They were normal.

But soon after Chloe turns three, tragedy strikes when a disease called Sepsis claims the life of their daughter, devastating their small family. The Penderford's had never heard of Sepsis – a cruel, indiscriminate disease that takes a life somewhere in the world every three and a half seconds. Now, with their world crumbling, they must mend each others broken hearts … and try to save their marriage if they can.

To find out more about this tragic disease visit www.sepsis.org where you can learn to recognise the symptoms of Sepsis to help protect your loved ones. All proceeds from the sale of Three and a Half Heartbeats on Amazon.com are divided equally between Sepsis Alliance, an advocacy group in the United States and the UK Sepsis Trust, so by buying the story, you will help them in their battle to raise awareness and save lives. Thank you for making a difference.


'A powerful and emotional work of fiction with a unique twist – a practical lesson in how to spot a fatal, but often treatable disease' Piers Morgan, CNN Presenter.

'A truly amazing piece of drama about a condition that could affect any one of us in a heartbeat. Every mother should read this book' Danielle Lineker, Actor.

'A powerful and emotional page turner that teaches people with no medical training how to recognise sepsis and save lives' Dr Ranj Singh, Paediatric Doctor and BBC Presenter.

'A powerful and moving story with a real purpose.It brings home the dreadful nature of this deadly condition' Mark Austin, ITN Presenter.

'This is such a powerful story – and a book that every parent should read. Sadly this is something that affects families every day, but by buying this book you are able to help as the money raised will go towards vital funds for The Sepsis Trust' Charlotte Hawkins, ITV Presenter.

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