Joshua Strachan

The Creative Treasures

Creativity is a treasure sought by many but realized by few. Productive thinking has produced many great leaders and geniuses over the centuries, even today. Unfortunately, only few individuals today are able to get people's attention with their creativity, make a name or create the change they want to see in their environment.

The most important aspect of being creative is finding relevance, beating time and having a consistent stimulation to create even better version of an existing creation. Overcoming creative limitations will provide a MENTAL DWELLING PLACE where most geniuses and great leaders such as Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Edison and The French Emperor Napoleon interpret as creative paradise.

The Creative Treasures provides the energy and power needed to influence the social environment and to provide a new perspective about an existing phenomenon. Winston Churchill confessed of using one of these creative boosters to finish twice as much work every day.

All THE CREATIVE TREASURES in this book are deducted from in-depth scientific researches and studies made on normal people to prove the most effective brain stimulation techniques in order to achieve a deeper social influence using unique creations. This includes reversal energy management, ultimate disconnection to achieve a deeper connection toward a profitable reality and also: capitalistic social intelligence.

After reading the first 3 chapters you can be assured of a new creative insight. This discipline eliminates pressure and uncertainty about the value of your creation. It also proves the essence of speed with real life examples; as an important factor to achieve effectiveness.

What are you waiting for? Take a step further for change and ultimate personal growth by adding this book to your library.
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