20 Best Cake Recipes, Karen Margaryan
Karen Margaryan

20 Best Cake Recipes

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The world’s largest lollipop weighed 1.01 tons (2220lb 11oz) and was made by Stephen Spring and James Alexandrou of Lool Pops / Johnson’s Confectionery at Darling Harbor, Sydney Australia on 18–19 August 1990.
The longest pastry was a mille-feuille (cream-filled flaky pastry) 1037.25m (3403ft) in length, made by employees of Pidy, a company based in Ypres, Belgium on 4–5 September 1992.
The largest container full of popcorn was one with 169.33 m2 (5979.33 ft3) of popped corn. It was just over 6m (19ft 8in) in diameter and 5.81m (19ft 1in) in height. It took 3 days to achieve the record.
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