Itzel, Marlon Hernandez y Munoz
Marlon Hernandez y Munoz


67 páginas impresas
In 738 AD, an unwanted marriage agreement and an arranged pitz Mayan ballgame provokes the kidnapping of K’awiil, also known as Eighteen Rabbit, the King of Copan, Honduras, and his daughter princess Itzel by the Quiriguan forces. Quirigua, Guatemala is at that moment a vassal city-state of Copan, but the relationship between both cities has deteriorated, as the Quiriguans do not appreciate the totalitarian government and the tributes imposed by Copan. Itzel escapes but her father is beheaded. While fleeing, Itzel suffers a series of ordeals. She witnesses a pitz game where her future husband plays to win the right to marry her or else he dies. A traitor, who is among the participants, and a shadow lead the princess to her future.

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