Julie Jones

Julie Jones: thirteen short stories about sex

Nothing turns Ellie on as much as the thought of hands — one specific pianist’s long slim fingers, to be precise — fingerfucking her on a piano. When Paul, that very same pianist, overhears Ellie speaking about his erotic “handporn” limbs, she is mortified. Paul, however, seems unfazed by the discovery of the fantasies that leave Ellie quivering, intrigued even.
But with no piano in sight, a dark corner over by the heavily busy bar might have to make do…
A collection of thirteen hot and short erotic stories by Julie Jones: All about hands — Preview — Opening night — You can leave your hat on — Sixty-Four — Hotel California — Joyride — Patience — Peep show — Among the trees — Friends with Benefits: Through Tony's Eyes — Friends with Benefits Through Jack's Eyes — Tie me up

Julie Jones is an anonymous writer of erotic stories. She writes through a feminist perspective and questions the societal norms. Behind the pseudonym is a woman with backgrounds in many different industries. Her inspiration comes from social media and conversations with people she knows. Her writing career started with a blog where she wrote erotic fanfiction about boybands. Some of these stories are now being published. The names have been changed but the stories are just as hot.
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