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Essential Windows 10

Are you struggling to understand Windows 10? This book will guide you through the new Operating System one step at a time, to help you understand the software more quickly and easily!

Great for beginners, a basic computing class, or as an update.
Step-by-step, visual approach to help you quickly master Windows 10 Plenty of full color, illustrated screenshots and photographs to help you Presented in an easy and simple to read format, written in jargon free English

Updated for the new anniversary update, and in full color, you’ll learn…

Windows 10's new features, menus and utilities
Setting up your computer, downloading and upgrading to Windows 10 Navigating around Windows 10 using file explorer, task view and the start menu
Using the desktop and running applications
Using Tablets, touch screen gestures, keyboards and pens
Using Windows Ink Getting to know Cortana virtual assistant and Microsoft Edge Web Browser
Using OneDrive
Getting started with Continuum
Getting started with Windows Hello
Backing up your important data with FileHistory
Antivirus and internet safety
Downloading & watching videos, movies and watching DVDs
Downloading & listening to music and using Groove Music Passes
Storing, manipulating and sharing photos
Staying in touch friends, family and colleagues using Mail, Calendar & Skype
Maintaining Windows 10, scanning drives for errors and basic recovery procedures and more…

Clear instruction, and easy-to-follow tutorials with illustrated photographs, graphics and screen prints, guide you through the procedures every step of the way.

If you want to get up and running quickly and easily with the new Windows 10, this is the guide you need.
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