Maria Peitcheva

Kandinsky: Drawings 100 Colour Plates

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Wassily Kandinsky was painter, printmaker, watercolorist, pioneering theorist of abstraction. Abandoning an academic law career in Russia, he moved to Germany in 1896. In Munich Kandinsky founded several modern art groups, most notably the Blaue Reiter, in 1911, with Franz Marc. As a Russian citizen, he was expelled from Germany at outbreak of World War I. In post-revolutionary Russia Kandinsky was closely involved with Constructivist circles reorganizing artistic culture and his own painting became increasingly geometric in style. He returned to Germany in 1921 and was taught at the Bauhaus from 1922 until shuttered by Nazis in 1933. Kandinsky reengaged with various printmaking techniques during Bauhaus years, but left Germany in 1933 and spent remaining years in France.
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