Hugh Lofting

The Doctor Dolittle Super Pack

Prepare to set sail for many grand adventures with the delightful Doctor Dolittle. This omnibus editions includes the Doctor’s first four books: 'The Story of Doctor Dolittle', 'The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle', 'Doctor Dolittle’s Post Office', and 'Doctor Dolittle’s Circus'. Over six hundred pages of exotic animals, pirates, circuses, and of course the marvelous Doctor Dolittle who can talk with animals. This edition contains hundreds of Lofting's original illustrations.

Learn how Doctor Dolittle came to speak with the animals. Set sail with him as he goes off to rescue rare sea creatures, battling pirates along the way. Watch as he starts his own circus with the incredibly rare pushmi-pullyu as its star.

Delightful, funny, and uplifting. Hours and hours of reading enjoyment for the entire family.
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