Cupcakes, Shelly Kaldunski
Shelly Kaldunski


Fabulous Cupcakes, Nancy Lambert
Bake Your Own, Mary Ford
Best Christmas Cookie Recipes, Katie Cotton
Baking Muffins, J Martin
Recipes for Cake Lovers, Andrew Rainier
Irish Baking Book, Isabel Ross
The Italian Cookbook for Beginners, Salinas Press
The Farmer's Market Cookbook, Nina Planck
Bake Yourself Happy, A Non
Paleo for Every Day, Rockridge Press
Classic Recipes: Meals in Minutes, Wendy Hobson
The Art of Mindful Baking, Julia Ponsonby
Recipes from My Persian Kitchen, Nasreen Z.Zereshki
Saveur: Italian Comfort Food, The Editors of Saveur
349 Cocktail Recipes, Karen Margaryan
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