Vegan Cookbook, Jared G Bangerter
Jared G Bangerter

Vegan Cookbook

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Now printed in full color and featuring improved content!
Are you considering changing to a vegan diet?
Are you also thinking about losing weight? Would you like to try something that is innovative and completely different? Now you can enjoy a vegan diet and lifestyle and also lose weight at the same time, with this amazing book, crammed with more than 200 delicious and nutritious recipes which are all suitable for a vegan lifestyle.
Inside these pages, you will learn not only how to prepare the sublime recipes, but also:

Learn about the science of veganism

How to burn fat and lose weight

The best ways to adjust seamlessly to a vegan diet

Recipes for any mealtime

Real-life testimonials

And more…

If you have ever considered adopting a vegan lifestyle, then there’s no better time than right now!

Written by a former NASM certified personal trainer and containing exact numbers of calories, protein, fat and carbs with each recipe, you will see exactly what is going into your body and be able to use the built-in diet plan, which is also included, to best effect. Complete with beautiful photographs, this is not just another cookbook to add to your collection, but the start of a whole new way of life.
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