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Kawatake Mokuami

The Love of Izayoi & Seishin

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This dramatic and absorbing play tells the story of the courtesan Izayoi and the priest Seishin; classic lovers who are doomed to suffer the tragic consequences of their passion.As a representative example of Japanese play writing of the 19th century The Love of Izayoi and Seishin is a superlative example of the turbulence and dramatic incident that are the major conventions of Kabuki.The intricate plot involves murder, attempted suicide, hari-kiri, theft, and the usual stunning Kabuki denouement. This specific feature is one of the intriguing aspects of Kabuki drama, and continually keeps the stage alive with action and violence.Complete with stage directions and complementary instructions, this play can be read with pleasure for its own sake, or as a gripping Kabuki narrative for all enthusiasts of the theater.
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