Tigris Eden


In a world of organized crime, where alliances are made and broken with the slash of a sword, the only thing more dangerous than a Yakuza’s wrath is falling in love with one. For Nine-Tailed Fox Kaori, love has always been a cruel game of fate. In each of her eight past lives, her destined love has left her in the most brutalist of ways.

Kaori has one last chance to break the cycle. To become full Kitsune, she must make her true love fall for her for real. The only problem is that Kiyoshi, the blade, is born into a rival Yakuza family, and they are both pawns in a deadly game of power and control.

Will Kaori finally break the curse of her past lives and find true love? Or will their love be their undoing, as they struggle to survive in a world where loyalty is everything and betrayal is always just a sword away?
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