Oscar Zarate,Richard Appignanesi

Introducing Existentialism

Richard Appignanesi goes on a personal quest of Existentialism in its original state. He begins with Camus' question of suicide: 'Must life have a meaning to be lived?' Is absurdity at the heart of Existentialism? Or is Sartre right: is Existentialism 'the least scandalous, most technically austere' of all teachings?

This brilliant Graphic Guide explores Existentialism in a unique comic book-style.
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    Widyacompartió una citael año pasado
    Man simply invented God in order not to kill himself
    Marko P.compartió una citael año pasado
    What is history? That which can be otherwise but never is.
    Marko P.compartió una citael año pasado
    Truth must have a strange aversion to itself.

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