Lynne Graham

The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife

A sheikh blackmails the working-class woman who broke his heart in this royal romance by a USA Today–bestselling author.
Tilda was living to regret that once she’d had a short-lived romance with Rashad, the Crown Prince of Bakhar. Now, not only had he gained possession of her impoverished family’s home, Rashad was also blackmailing her for the huge debt they owed him—and insisting she pay the price . . . as his concubine!
Tilda was appalled—but in no position to refuse. Soon she was the arrogant sheikh’s captive, ready to be ravished in his faraway desert kingdom. But Rashad slipped up by publicly naming Tilda as his woman . . . and under the law of Bakhar this meant she and he were bound together forever . . . as husband and wife!
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