Lisa Kleypas

Forever My Love

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HER LIPS SOFTENED AND CLUNG TO HIS, SEEKING THE WARMTH AND TASTE OF HIM. HIS TONGUE FEATHERED AGAINST HERS, AND SHE SHIVERED WITH A CRAVING MORE POWERFUL, MORE URGENT, THAN HUNGER OR THIRTST… Exquisitely beautiful Mira Germain was only eighteen when she made her bargain with the wealthy, powerful, elderly Lord Sackville. He would keep and protect her, and she would let him flaunt her as mistress to hide his shameful personal secret. Mira tried to keep her word, even when she met the handsome Alec Falkner, the Duke of Hamilton, as experienced in passion as Mira was innocent. But in his arms, desire was more powerful than any promise or pledge … as she learned to be a woman who would dare everything for love …
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