Brenda Joyce,Sherry Robb Literary Prop

Innocent Fire

Leaving behind the sheltered life of a French convent, Miranda journeyed to the New World and an arraged marriage to a prosperous Texan rancher. Arriving in America, the innocent European met her fiance's freind Derek Bragg, a rough-hewn Texas Ranger, whose harsh manner and candid comments about her beauty enraged the shy miss. Although Bragg fought to deny his feelings for his charge, he knew that he was falling in love with her. Miranda, too, was struggling with her desire for her escort as they trekked across the treacherous wilderness. Drawn to the lawman--enflamed by his raw masculine virility--will Miranda sacrifice her innocence to the fire blazing out of control in her heart?
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    “I’m not a very good wife.” She spoke aloud before she knew it.

    He came over to her immediately, kneeling next to her, forcing her to look at him. “You’re a wonderful wife.”

    “I’m an awful cook. I don’t know how to do laundry. I can’t clean game. My sewing is too fancy. I’m the worst shot, and I can’t ride. Everything you need in a Texas wife, I’m not.” She felt ridiculous tears welling up, and she tried to stifle them.
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    “You’re right,” he said unpleasantly. His eyes were cold. “I am angry with myself—and with John. I’m angry at myself for wanting you, and angry at him for bringing you out here in the first place. You don’t belong in Texas. You belong in some fancy duke’s castle, tucked away nice and cozy, in fine dresses and silk stockings.”

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