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Emma Garcia

Never Google Heartbreak

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    I want you. I’ve always wanted you and I never want to stop wanting you.
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    What do any of us know at any age?
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    Riding on buses, boats, bikes, taxis and underground trains, talking on phones, hustling for deals, queuing for coffee. This world is moving on while I sit here feeling like I’ve swallowed a great big jagged rock.
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    Max has woken me from a nightmare and I realise that when I’m with him, everything is proper and brilliant and in colour.
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    kind of a project to throw myself into so I don’t spend every spare moment pining for him
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    really put my shit into perspective.’
    Allegracompartió una citahace 4 meses
    read somewhere that the state of a woman’s house is linked to her state of mind.
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    ‘Well, follow your heart, I’d say . . . even into disaster.’ She smiles and stands to clear the cups. ‘And there is a queue, Vivienne; you just can’t see it.’
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    How are you supposed to show your heart is breaking?
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    The woman with it all has high heels and an expensive-looking hairdo; there she is in her office, holding up a pen with authority.
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