Matthew Manson

The Modern and Ethical Pickup Artist

The Modern and Ethical Pickup Artist: This Includes — How to Pick Up Women & Modern Dating Guide for Men

After years and years spent in the pick-up scene and later on in the dating scene. I decided to share the knowledge I acquired in two separate books called “How to Pick Up Women” and “Modern Dating Guide for Men”. These two books contain all the essentials required for you to attract and date the woman of your dreams.

For a limited time, you can get the all-around guide on how to pick up your ideal woman and how to date her like a true gentleman in this two-book bundle at a special price!

In the first part of the bundle called “How to Pick Up Women” you will discover:

— How to pick up women in an ethical way which leaves you BOTH happy and satisfied.

— The things you NEED to improve about yourself in order to attract women instantly for the rest of your life.

— A specially designed book structure containing clear lists, step by step guidelines and scenarios which you can easily remember and apply in your own life.

— The biggest barriers you need to overcome in order to stop feeling anxious when approaching any woman.

— How to make killer first impressions that will make women obsessed with you.

— How to master the art of texting and never feel nervous or embarrassed after sending her a text.

— How to keep a conversation going in a natural and enjoyable way.

— How to create a flirty vibe and sexual tension which will lead to some real action.

— How to have a proper one-night stand which will make you stand out and make her come back for more.

The second part of the bundle called “Modern Dating Guide for Men” will teach you:

— Where you need to start in order to become a dating master (hint…it’s you).

— The things you NEED to avoid in order to keep any relationship happy and exciting.

— How dating has changed in the 21st century and what you need to do to stay relevant.

— What you need to learn from the traditional dating style and what you need to forget right now!

— Online dating — the good and the bad.

— How to actually be in a relationship and how to react in certain tricky situations.

— How to avoid boredom and keep a relationship exciting and alive.

— How to properly communicate in a relationship and avoid catastrophes which could separate you from the woman of your dreams.

If you want to stop daydreaming about beautiful women and become the type of man beautiful women daydream about then, scroll up and Order Now!
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