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Wicca Candle Magick

Discover the mystical powers of the candle, used throughout the ages as an indispensable tool for setting the proper atmosphere for spellcasting, divination, meditation, banishing darkness, and communicating with the dead. Sections include sacred candle colors of the gods and goddesses, crystals and gemstones, Voudoun candle magick, and the making of sacred oils for candle blessing rituals. Easy-to-follow instructions will guide the modern witch into crafting and consecrating various types of candles such as Witch Candles, Healing Herb Candles, Rune Candles, Magick Symbol Candles, and Voodoo Candles. Modern Wiccan expert Gerina Dunwich also discusses candle omens and provides a collection of powerful folk spells and incantations for nearly every purpose. Wicca Candle Magick is an essential resource for today’s everyday goddesses.
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    3 tablespoons honey

    3 teaspoons powdered bat’s skull (optional)

    13 drops blood (human or animal)

    6 drops honeysuckle oil

    3 drops patchouly oil

    ¼ cup sunflower oil
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    with oil of cloves if the candle will be used for divination, exorcism or rituals involving spiritual purification; frankincense oil for love spells, consecration, healing, protection and rituals to banish evil and negativity; lavender oil for love spells; lemon oil for healing rituals and spells involving clairvoyance and prophetic dreams; mint oil for exorcism and healing rituals; musk oil for love spells, sex-magick and fertility rites; patchouly oil for love spells and invocations of elemental powers; pine oil for spells to attract money and success; rose oil for Goddess invocations and spells to increase good luck, courage and love; sandalwood oil for purification rites, healing and protection against evil influences.
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    The shape that the candle is fashioned in also possesses significance in candleburning magick. Black cat-shaped candles are burned in magick spells to increase luck and psychic power. White cat-shaped candles are burned to make wishes come true and to protect pregnant women. Moon-shaped candles (or candles decorated with lunar symbols) are burned to add power to moon-magick and Goddess invocations. Human image candles made in both male and female figures are used to represent the man or woman whom the power of a spell is directed at. Phallic-shaped candles are powerful when used in fertility rites and sex-magick. Mummy-shaped candles, which are difficult to obtain, are burned in spells to acquire power and success and to invoke ancient Egyptian deities. Devil-shaped candles are used in both black and white magick Voodoo spells. Black skull-shaped candles are burned to cast or reverse hexes, and in rituals of separation. White skull-shaped candles are used in healing rituals and seances. Seven-Knob candles, which consist of seven balls of wax strung together with one wick, are burned as daily meditation candles or as wish-magick candles with each segment of the candle burned daily as the wish to be granted is concentrated upon.

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