Melt, Helen Hardt
Helen Hardt


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Jonah Steel is intelligent, rich, and hard-working. As the oldest of his siblings, he was charged by his father to protect them.

He failed in the worst way.

Dr. Melanie Carmichael has her own baggage. Although the renowned therapist was able to help Jonah’s brother, she is struggling with feelings of inadequacy. When the oldest Steel walks into her office seeking solace, she can’t turn her back.

As Melanie and Jonah attempt to work through their issues together, desperately trying to ignore the desire brewing between them, ghosts from both their pasts surface…and danger draws near.
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Camilla Dahl Lersøe
Camilla Dahl Lersøecompartió su opiniónhace 4 meses
👍Me gustó


Jessie Hernandez
Jessie Hernandezcompartió su opiniónhace 8 meses
👍Me gustó

Good book. Cant wait to start Burn.

Victoria Howard
Victoria Howardcompartió su opiniónhace 8 meses
👍Me gustó

Had me wanting to read more every time


Meredith John
Meredith Johncompartió una citahace 9 meses
I reach for her, but she flinches back.
Rumah Chowtee
Rumah Chowteecompartió una citahace 9 meses
But the last time I’d skulked around in the alleyways, I stopped before finding someone to pummel me.

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