Nick Griffiths

Looking For Mrs Dextrose

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I glanced at Dextrose's nose, pock-marked, crimson and bulbous, the overripe strawberry that everyone leaves in the punnet. As I did so, his right nostril blew a bubble of snot that might fascinate a small child.' Having completed his quest to follow in the footsteps of intrepid explorer Harrison Dextrose, Pilsbury has been hit with a revelation – that he is the product of those terrible loins. And that's not all. His mother has been left behind somewhere on the globe and he must find her. (Dextrose's own words.) There ensues an unprecedented adventure. A shaman and his curious son, sozzled rednecks, a sweet old lady, nauseating poetry and the Nameless Highway all stand in Pilsbury's way. Is he up to the task? Aided only by his alcoholic father and a grumpy basketball player, our sort-of hero sets off – looking for Mrs Dextrose.
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