Sarah Jaquette Ray

A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety

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A youth movement is reenergizing global environmental activism. The “climate generation”—late millennials and iGen, or Generation Z—is demanding that policy makers and government leaders take immediate action to address the dire outcomes predicted by climate science. Those inheriting our planet’s environmental problems expect to encounter challenges, but they may not have the skills to grapple with the feelings of powerlessness and despair that may arise when they confront this seemingly intractable situation.
Drawing on a decade of experience leading and teaching in college environmental studies programs, Sarah Jaquette Ray has created an “existential tool kit” for the climate generation. Combining insights from psychology, sociology, social movements, mindfulness, and the environmental humanities, Ray explains why and how we need to let go of eco-guilt, resist burnout, and cultivate resilience while advocating for climate justice. A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety is the essential guidebook for the climate generation—and perhaps the rest of us—as we confront the greatest environmental threat of our time.
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    Una guía poderosa para navegar el cambio climático. Que abarca desde el autocuidado, la comunidad, los cambios individuales y el accionar..👌


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    If an oppressor is trying to deplete a person’s emotional and physical resources, stripping them of the energy they need to resist oppression, then any behavior that protects those resources likewise counts as resistance. Cultivating pleasure, relationships, and energy through sleep, retreat, silence, inaction, and the pursuit of activities that generate passion and creativity is essential for us to maintain the human capital required to keep engaging in political work.
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    To “change the macro conditions in which we live and work,” she concludes, “we’ll need all the physical and emotional resources we can muster.”
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    Find beauty, savor the small gifts of being alive, see everything you possibly can through the lens of being blessed rather than victimized, recalibrate your efforts toward the small and local, collect and create positive stories, heed your calling by not trying to be more than you are, take yourself less seriously, and pause to inhale deeply and honor the moment. This is what it means to learn how to die in the Anthropocene. It’s a Buddhist or existentialist goal that means sustaining your will to live so that you can keep trying to stave off the end of the world.

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