The School of Life

A Job to Love

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The idea that work might be fulfilling rather than just painfully necessary is a strikingly recent invention. Nowadays, in prosperous areas of the world, we don’t only expect to obtain money through labour, we also, to a greater or lesser extent, expect to find meaning and satisfaction. It’s a big ask and explains why career crises are so common.
Unfortunately, it is devilishly hard to understand oneself well enough to know quite where one’s energies should be directed. A Job To Love is designed to help us better understand ourselves in order to locate a job that is right for us. It explores the many myths, traps and confusions that get in our way, and shows how to develop new, effective attitudes and habits.
With compassion and a deeply practical spirit, this book guides us to discover our true talents and to make sense of our confused desires and aspirations before it is too late.
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    Meaningful , much recommend to all lost in searching for a perfect job (common tragedy).


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    every inefficiency is a business waiting to be born
    Oksana Radzikhovskacompartió una citael mes pasado
    Of course, contrary to what this unfortunate, oppressive notion of vocation suggests, it is entirely reasonable – even healthy – not to know what one’s talents are or how to apply them. One’s nature is so complex, one’s abilities so tricky to define in detail, the needs of the world so elusive, that discovering the best fit between oneself and a job is a momentous, highly legitimate challenge that requires an immense amount of thought, exploration and wise assistance and might use up years of our attention. It’s wholly reasonable not to know what work one should perform. And it is indeed often a great sign of maturity to realise that one doesn’t know, rather than suffer any longer under the punishing assumption that one should
    Oksana Radzikhovskacompartió una citael mes pasado
    with the right opportunities and guidance, so-called ordinary people are capable of major contributions to existence

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