John B.Arden

Rewire Your Brain: Think Your Way to a Better Life

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    The key is that you need to get started. Usually, that means doing what you don’t feel like doing and continue doing it until it becomes easy.”
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    Avoid what makes you anxious so that your amygdala will calm down
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    Expose yourself gradually to what makes you anxious
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    The bonding experiences you have had with your parents since the beginning of your life have affected your social brain. Your later relationships then modify those neural connections. Positive relationships enhance your sense of well-being, whereas negative relationships leave you with the opposite feeling.
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    Thus, physical exercise and learning work together to stimulate neurogenesis. Exercise makes new stem cells, and learning prolongs their survival. The best exercise therefore combines a cardiovascular boost and learning a new skill.
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    It has been shown that physical exercise, especially if it takes place in a new and stimulating environment, is an effective way to promote neurogenesis.
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    Exercise should be part of the overall strategy of preventing and treating general anxiety and PTSD. Exercise increases the levels of the specific neurotransmitters that promote antianxiety and antidepressant effects.
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    Aerobic exercise can have an antianxiety effect. The physiological changes that occur by exercising can overpower the negative effects of the physiological contributors to anxiety. For example, in one study, the subjects were injected with CCK-4, a chemical that can induce a panic attack even in healthy adults with no history of panic. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise prior to the injection of CCK-4 lowered the panic scores, whereas resting before the injection did not.
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    Chapter 5 - Fueling Your Brain
    Breaking a Fast
    Sugar Factors
    The Amino Acid Cornucopia
    Vitamins and Minerals
    Minerals and Phytonutrients
    Nancy’s Fat Problem
    Diet, Fats, and Depression
    Chapter 6 - Healthy Habits: Exercise and Sleep
    Exercise and the Brain
    Exercise Medicine
    Regulating Your
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    the information in this book is at the reader’s discretion. The author and the publisher specifically disclaim any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in this book. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your
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    The first step of each method is to focus on breathing, which serves many purposes. By breathing abdominally, you can shift from your sympathetic to your parasympathetic nervous system. This slows your heart rate, which calms you, and activates neurochemical systems that calm your amygdala.
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    You can cultivate wisdom by rewiring your brain through the use of the FEED method. The first step is to focus on the bigger picture. Next, go beyond your traditionally held beliefs, which will recruit new neural connections. Your job is to do this enough until it becomes effortless, to rise above your personal needs and grasp your interdependence with others. The brain system for those inclusive and compassionate experiences multiplies. By being determined to stay with your efforts, you’ll make your life richer.
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    Your overall health plays a large role in how well your brain functions as you age. Body fat located at the waist appears to be particularly problematic, at least for men. Researchers have found that for men over sixty, the greater the waist circumference is, the smaller the hippocampus is. Since the hippocampus is critical for laying down memories, the inference here is that increased body fat correlates with decreased memory capacity.
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    If you’re among the approximately 25 percent of the adult population with an avoidant attachment style, you may be uncomfortable in intimate relationships and have a hard time trusting a partner. You might not share your feelings and might not even be consciously aware of them.
    Indeed, if you had an insecure attachment experience as a child, you may tend to see the world and those around you with defensiveness and mistrust.
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    • Mothers of children with an avoidant attachment style tend to remain unresponsive to the child’s distress, discouraging crying and promoting separation.
    • Mothers of ambivalently attached infants behave inconsistently, being sometimes tuned in and sometimes indifferent to the child’s state of mind.
    • Mothers of children with a disorganized attachment style tend to be abusive, impulsive, and depressed.
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    Polarized thinking: black and white, all or nothing, good or bad, wonderful or rotten
    • Overgeneralization: taking one unfortunate incident that occurred at work and jumping to conclusions about your entire life
    • Personalization: interpreting every glance or comment made by someone as a negative reflection on you
    • Mind reading: negatively assuming that you know what other people are thinking
    • Shoulds and should nots: making rigid and inflexible rules that provide little flexibility to adapt to today’s complex social environment
    • Catastrophizing: perceiving any event as a major catastrophe or a sign of one on the way (“Oh, no, a red light! I might as well not even go.”)
    • Emotional reasoning: basing opinions on how you feel
    • Pessimism: seeing a negative outcome for most events
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    Maximize the time that you spend in the emotional state that you want to be in so that it comes naturally to you. You want it to be your default mood. Do everything that you can do to promote the thoughts, perspective, and behaviors that kindle a positive mood.
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    The key to taming your amygdala is to break this vicious cycle. You must make sure that you expose yourself to what you were fearful of in the past.
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    The sympathetic nervous system excites you, and the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes you.
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    The main point here is that you shouldn’t try to run away from stress and anxiety; you should learn to manage it. By managing it, you’ll promote a healthy, thriving brain that generates neuroplasticity.
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