Len A.Doust

Figure Sketching for Beginners

If a drawing «is not alive, it is a failure," declares Len A. Doust. With his practical help and encouraging guidance, even novice sketchers can learn how to capture the vitality and character of their models.Clear instructions and 23 step-by-step illustrations highlight everything students need to know. Featured topics include:• Perspective and proportions• Heads, faces, and hands• Hats, shoes, and clothing• Age and character• Expressions• Athletes and dancersConcise and informative, this manual offers sketchers the perfect way to get started.
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    Maris Abelcompartió una citahace 5 meses
    Don’t draw a line carelessly; make up your mind as clearly as you can what you want to do, and do it as quickly and ably as possible. Think before you work. Look at the figure or object to be drawn five times as long as you take to draw it.
    Gigoridzecompartió una citael año pasado
    No MATTER how rough a sketch, how poor its technique, or how weak its composition: if it is not alive, it is a failure. In

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