The Pregnant Colton Bride, Marie Ferrarella
Marie Ferrarella

The Pregnant Colton Bride

In the latest electrifying tale from USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella, a pregnancy scandal rocks the Colton clan!
Mirabella Freeman, secretary to security expert Zane Colton, thought being pregnant and alone were her biggest problems. That is, until police discover a bank account in her name, complete with mysterious payments supposedly by Zane's missing stepfather! Now not only is Mirabella a suspect in Eldridge Colton's disappearance, but she's bombarded by rumors about the identity of her child's father.
So when her gorgeous Colton cowboy boss proposes a marriage of convenience to save face — and her reputation — Mirabella is stunned, yet ready to say, 'I do!' As the pregnant bride and her rancher husband fall in love, their hearts won't be all that's in danger…

252 páginas impresas
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