Charlotte E. English

The Road to Farringale

Can British magick be saved? Hell yes.

Imagine modern Britain without magick.

No fae enclaves. No flying chairs. No magick wands. Giddy gods, no unicorns.

Who wants to live in that world?

Me neither. But with magick on the decline, that's the world we're ending up with.

Meet the Society for Magickal Heritage. Our boss is a disembodied voice. Our headquarters is a sentient house. You could say we've a vested interest in keeping magick alive.

Can a ragtag bunch of magicians, necromancers and fae prevail against inevitable ruin and decline?

Hell yes. Try and stop us.

First mission? Find the source of a magickal disease that’s decimating Britain’s troll enclaves — and fix it. Simple.

Or… maybe not. For the only place that might hold the information we need is the ancient and inconveniently lost enclave of Farringale…

Praise for the Modern Magick series:

'Charming, quirky, and funny.'

'Enjoyable and imaginative fantasy series with whimsical overtones… A fresh magical world.'

'This is an incredibly entertaining story… help, I'm running out of superlatives.'

'The writing is excellent and fun… a rousing, gripping adventure. '

'…delightfully fun, whimsical and engaging, with great characters and settings.'

'If you like Jodi Taylor's St Mary's books, this is for you.'

'…quirky and fun and I couldn't ask for more… Her usual unique charm.'

''…characters that are easy to love, an invisible boss and a house that seems to have a mind of it's own. I devoured the book in one sitting.'

'Written with charm and intelligence, this series is a delight to read!'

'…the pages just seem to fly by! Can't wait to read the next one.'

'…the entire quirky cast is fun and endearing… our heroine is a delightful companion for adventure.'
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